I work with positive, force free approaches to behavior
modification and training using the science of how animals
learn and their natural behaviors for dogs, puppies, kittens and
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Low stress handling and skill development for pet care workers,
humane education, bite and scratch prevention,
Doggone Safe
Bite Safety Education and "May I pet your dog?" presentations
for schools and groups.
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Trap, Neuter and Release workshops, conservation and
management strategies and guidelines for urban and suburban
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Frania and Daisy
"After some searching I was so lucky to find Frania.
She helped us when most other people (behaviorist
included) told us to give up. She was so wonderful
with all my cats, and really has an understanding of
how their little minds work. She did more for us than
I could ever possibly put into words!"
-Isis, Bronx, NY
"Frania is the best of the best. She is insightful, patient
and fantastic to work with. We had behavioral issues
with our 3 year old chow and it got so bad that I was
ready to give up but thankfully my partner had the sense
to look for a behaviorist. Thank God we found Frania
and our relationship with our dog could not be better.
Frania gave us the tools to be better parents and really
understand what our dog was trying to communicate.
We cannot recommend Frania enough!" -
Maita, NY, NY
"When (Frania) arrived at our house she immediately identified the problems at
hand.  She helped me patiently in all areas of training, and even brought along her
own dog, Daisy, so that Terra could experience socializing with an older dog.  The
list of things Frania helped me with is too long to include here.  She recommended
readings for me and showed me all the various strategies for getting Terra to
become a proper young lady.  Most of all, though, she dealt with my perceived need
to use forceful coercion, rough handling and loud words, and occasional slaps and
solitary confinements, shut-ins and shut-outs.  She worked with me patiently, and
finally convinced me I need none of that." -
Rocky, Brooklyn, NY