Cats are our number one pet, we love them so much that most of us live with
more than one.  But, how well do we understand our feline friends?  And how can
we be even better friends?  Find strategies, tips and guidelines right here and now:

New Cat?  What you cat is feeling in a new and strange environment and the
steps you can take to help ease the transition.

More ways for a cat friendly home: the right relationship with you, toys,
playtime, scratching posts and the proper cat furniture make a happy home for
both you and your cat

Introducing a new kitten and keeping your older cat a happy camper:  
Feline rivalry is commonplace when we bring home a new kitten.  Specific
strategies on effective socialization and integration techniques for your new

Successful integration strategies for new cats: guidelines to follow for
helping your adult felines get to know each other on their own terms

Socializing ferals: it takes longer but with dedication and commitment there is
a method to becoming more socially relevant for former ferals
Working with early morning food requests: Cats thrive on schedules.  
Setting a routine feeding time along with enrichment strategies will be less
stressful for the both of you
How to pet a cat: yes, there is a right way, starting from the head and avoiding
the tail,step by step from a feline point of view

Classical music and cats continue to be a good idea:  Should you buy that
new and improved "cat music?"  A look at the studies, old and new (more).

New research on if your cat is sick or just stressed out and how to use it:
sickness behaviors may actually be stress behaviors, new research and how it can
help your cat (more).

Getting your cat to use the litter box each and every time: tame your
litter box issues once and for all by following these simple steps
When litter box aversion is not just about the box: Once you go back to
basics and make sure you are following all the steps and it's still not enough, take
a look at what else might your cat be telling you

Pica and cats -how to help what's eating them and why: When they eat all
the wrong things, known as "pica", it can be caused by stress and you can help

Oww! My cat bit me:  Cats do bite when threatened or in play, why it happens
and how to work with it so it doesn't

Cat aggression towards humans and how to fix it: Understanding fear and
play based cat aggression towards humans and strategies to address it

Cats "talk" so we listen: One of the ways domestic cats have developed to
communicate with humans is through vocalizations

Why do cats knead with their paws?:   Once thought to be a sign a cat left her
mother too soon, is "making biscuits" an OK thing for your cat to be doing?  And
why? (more)

Catnip and Cats -too much of a good thing?:   Catnip, valerian root and
silver vine are plants some cats just can't get enough of.  The case for why you
should let your cat indulge. (

Stress free strategies for getting your cat into the carrier: Cats don't care
for confinement against their will, one of the reasons carriers and cats don't
always mix.  Strategies you can use to help the carrier be a more welcome place

What happens when re-homing doesn't work? We can find the best "forever"
home for cats.  But what happens when things go wrong?  How do two rehomed
cats end up abandoned on the New Jersey turnpike and why? (more)
Cats social or solitary? Research and careful observation continue to reveal
just how social a species cats really are (more).

Why recovery time is essential to TNR:  Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) is
the preferred way to manage feral cat populations and keeps the rodent
population low.  Performing these surgeries on cats that are too young or not
allowing adequate recovery time can do way more harm than good (more).

Your cat questions answered: How to get your cat to respond to you?  Are cats
and birds a good idea? How can you introduce new pets to each other?(more)

Losing Kitty:  a little cat takes up a big place inside of you.  Losing our
companion animals requires acceptance and grieving (more).
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