Animal Behavior Consultations
  • Reactivity, aggression, anxiety, phobias
  • Cat/dog integration, cat/cat integration
  • Inappropriate elimination, pica, more

Positive, force free training
  •  Science based
  •  In-home or group
  •  Puppy or adult
  •  Basic to advanced  
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Presentations and Workshops
  • Dog bite, cat scratch prevention, humane education
    for schools/groups.

  • Handling/skill development for pet service professionals.

  • TNR, urban wildlife conservation/management

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Open Access Behavior and Training Resources

  • Watch: Cat or Dog behavior and training on YouTube   
Frania Shelley-Grielen is a masters level dog trainer
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NYC based
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Frania and Cinnamon
Frania and Daisy
"I was so lucky to find Frania. She
helped us when most other people
(behaviorist included) told us to
give up. She was so wonderful
with all my cats, and  really has
an understanding of how their
little minds work."
-Isis, Bronx, NY
"Frania is the best of the best.
She is insightful, patient and
fantastic to work with...We
cannot recommend Frania
enough!" -Maita, NY, NY
"Frania was wonderful and really took
the time to address our most immediate
hurdles with our new rescue dog... we
are continually using Frania's advice
and little by little it is surely working. "
-Diana, Bronx, NY
Praise for Frania’s book; CATS AND DOGS: "This book combines vital practical
information for improving the shared lives of human and non-human animals; it also peers behind
the curtain of important cutting-edge research in animal mind and sociality to give us a glimpse of
what amounts to no less than a renaissance in our human understanding of the matter
- Jeffrey Bussolini, BSFS, PhD, feline sociologist, co-director, Center for Feline Studies/ABMSC
Frania and Beagle (Alice Tong Dote)