Cats and Dogs There are cat people and their are dog people and then
there are cat and dog people.  What do we need to know about cats and
dogs together in our families?

How to manage successful cat and dog integrations:  Step
by step methods and strategies on accomplishing a unified social unit
the low stress way

Blended families, introducing cats and dogs in your home:
A look at the research and strategies on understanding and effecting
a harmonious transition

New babies and pets, making it work: A new baby can mean
no more pets. What we know and how to help keep everyone at
home, happy and safe

Moving with your pet: Moving is highly stressful for people and
for pets.  Taking the time to plan for the occasion can lessen the
impact.  What to know and think about

What you need to know about timing and training:  You hear over
and over that timing is the most important part of training -why
it's so important  

How to use time-outs:  Very, very sparingly, if at all -because you
can never ask "do you know why I put you in time-out?"

The not so secret lives of our pets:  What they do when we're
not around is all about whether or not we are doing the right things
for them when we are around

Making daylight savings time less stressful for pets by
adjusting feeding times.  Your pet knows what time to expect meals,
changes to routine schedule can be adjusted

Choosing the right vet for you and your pet: How do you
decide on a professional and a practice that you can feel good about
working with?  What questions should you be asking?  What are the
key things to think about and look for?
 How to make sure the vet
you select is the right one for you and your pet

What you need to know about pet sitting and dog walking:
know how to find the right pet sitter and how introduce your pet so
the relationship is a positive one

Choosing your child's first pet: What to know and how to make
the best choice for your new pet and your family (more).

Using the right tests to measure attachment for cats and
studies that compare cats and dogs without taking into account
how different these species are can only fall short on results (more).
There is a strategy for succesful cat and dog introductions
Make daylight savings time less stressful for pets by adjusting feeding schedules
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