Our clients say:

"I rescued a feral cat back in December. He turned out to be very sick and spent his first
two moths with us in recovery. When his health was fully restored, he stared to
exhibiting behavior issues. Aside from him being totally petrified of us to the point he
would smack us if we tried to come near him, he was also attacking my other two cats.
We started to question if we could keep him, but there was no way I was going to give up!
After some searching I was so lucky to find Frania. She helped us when most other people
(behaviorist include) told us to give up. She was so wonderful with all my cats, and
really has an understanding of how their little minds work. She did more for us than I
could ever possibly put into words!"-
Isis K., Bronx, NY

"Frania is the best of the best. She is insightful, patient and fantastic to work with. We
had behavioral issues with our 3 year old chow and it got so bad that I was ready to give
up but thankfully my partner had the sense to look for a behaviorist. Thank God we
found Frania and our relationship with our dog could not be better. Frania gave us the
tools to be better parents and really understand what our dog was trying to
communicate. We cannot recommend Frania enough!" -
Maita L., NY, NY

"I've been spoon feeding Cassie in the morning and allowing her to sniff EVERYTHING on
our morning walks. I have put lavender essential oil on her bed and parts of the couch
where she likes to sleep. This week, she destroyed NOTHING! I've noticed that the spoon
feeding in the morning really forces her to focus on eating with me as opposed to building
up her anxiety. After she eats, she gets her sniff/walk and then I leave. Since doing this,
I've also noticed that she is no longer shaking when I'm putting on my coat to leave.
Watching her on the camera when I leave, I see that she is still tracking and panting, but
is not biting the door or looking for anything to destroy. She has been sleeping after I
leave within an hour.  Thank you so much for your input and guidance."
-Nadi D., NY, NY

"We just wanted to give you an update on Ella.

We have been living in Phoenix for about 2 months now in a house and a backyard and
Ella has completely turned it around!

She never has accidents anymore, she lets herself out through the dog door whenever she
needs to go out, its really been an amazing change for her.

Anyway we wanted to let you know how well she is doing and thanks so much for your
help along the way." -
Meg and Justin, Phoenix, AZ

"Frania was wonderful and really took the time to address our most immediate hurdles
with our new rescue dog. She barked and lunged at my husband whenever he came into
our bedroom. We did exercises as the family lay on the bed to allow my husband to
approach and not have the dog attack him. It was very helpful and as a result we
continue to use these techniques and my husband happily gets to sleep in his own bed
again. The dog still doesn't really trust men but he is now able to feed and be around the
dog much more easily. It's still a work in progress but we are continually using Frania's
advice and little by little it is surely working. Her follow up was very helpful and
thorough also. Some things you just would never think of without the guidance and help
of an expert."
-Diana M., Bronx, NY

"Thanks Frania for the kind words and the (as usual awesome) write up.  We love
working with you to help us with Jadie!  As first time dog guardians, we really benefit
from both the advice and comfort you give.  We interact from time to time with the
North Shore Animal League (the organization that rescued Jadie) - I assume you are OK
if I recommend you to them?  They are considering doing a "feature" on Jadie in their
newsletter - and I would like to talk to them about you so maybe more NYers that adopt
through North Shore would hear about our experience with you." -
Andrew G., NY. NY

"We will miss you as well! We've learned so so much! I practiced "stay" w/her in the dog
run Tues (there were no other dogs there) and she responded beautifully!"
-Ana M., NY,

"Frania's an animal behaviorist, and I got information about her from her website:  
animalbehaviorist.us.  I told her my predicament and arranged for her to visit with
Terra and me at our house.  When she arrived at our house she immediately identified
the problems at hand.  She helped me patiently in all areas of training, and even
brought along her own dog, Daisy, so that Terra could experience socializing with an
older dog.  The list of things Frania helped me with is too long to include here.  She
recommended readings for me and showed me all the various strategies for getting Terra
to become a proper young lady.  Most of all, though, she dealt with my perceived need to
use forceful coercion, rough handling and loud words, and occasional slaps and solitary
confinements, shut-ins and shut-outs.  She worked with me patiently, and finally
convinced me I need none of that.  Not that I ever could have broken (my puppy's) spirit.  
But my own spirit has survived what I entered upon as an ordeal, and I'm surely a better
person for discovering how beautifully my gentleness works with Terra.  All that, thanks
to Frania."-
Rocky T., Brooklyn, NY


This is great, Frania, thank you.  We're happy to report the boys are already happier
and peeing/pooping less with the move of the litter box, adding cat nip, no more water
bottle spritzing, and the addition of playing sessions. Little by little we're going to
incorporate all of your suggestions." - Dara F., NY, NY
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