Animal Behavior and Training

Frania Shelley-Grielen is a masters level professional animal behaviorist
using, science based, force free behavior modification for the most
informed solutions.  She is an expert on both cats and dogs.  Along
with the "why," let Frania show you and your pet the "how" that lasts:

  • Puppy and dog training (ask me about "board and train" and "walk
     and train" options)
  • Canine aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • Anxiety/fear/reactivity
  • House training/undesirable elimination
  • From feral to former feral socialization
  • New cat integration
  • Cat/Dog integration
  • Nocturnal Activity -excessive vocalization and/or the "zoomies"
  • More. Contact us

Bite safety and how to "speak dog" programs for schools
and organizations

Children between the ages the ages of 5-9 are the most at risk of being
bitten by dogs and 2/3 of children bitten are boys. Bites mostly occur
with a dog in the home and not a stray dog. We can change these
numbers by learning the safest ways to listen to what dogs are telling us
and the best ways to interact with them.  We offer Bite Safety and
understanding canine body language programs for children and youth
and handling and skill development workshops for pet care workers.
Frania Shelley-Grielen is also a certified
Doggone Safe Bite Safety
Contact us for your program

Humane education is mandated in New York State.  Our programs
target your learners, build empathy for companion animals and make
learning about animals enriching, rewarding and fun.  Help us help
your students and their pets through what happens in your classroom.
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Pet care worker professional development  

Pet care facilities depend on trained personnel to offer the highest
standards of care and handling.  Let us offer your staff individualized
training by a New York State Education Department licensed Pet Care
Technician Teacher tailored to the needs of your facility. Topics
can include:

  • Animal behavior and handling
  • Anatomy and Breed Recognition
  • Environmental management
  • Animal and staff safety and security
  • Vaccinations and Parasite Control
  • Zoonotic Disease
  • Nutrition
  • Detection of Abnormalities
  • Emergency First Aid  Contact us   

Humane Trap Neuter Release and Monitor programs

The effectiveness of our TNR programs are in the outcomes: stable
or diminishing populations and the welfare of the animals affected by
our efforts.  Let us share
humane protocols and practices for current
and aspiring colony caretakers, animal behavior professionals,
students, humane societies, etc.  
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Conservation and humane management for urban wildlife

We have a choice in how we manage the wildlife in our urban
landscape.  From Quaker parrots in Brooklyn, Canada geese at our
airports and raccoons in New York City parks:  here's a look: Parrots /
Canada geese / Raccoons  Contact us   
Frania Shelley-Grielen has a Masters in Animal Behavior
Frania is a licensed pet care technician teacher
Frania is an expert on both cats and dogs
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