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The science behind electric/shock collars.  Are they effective for
training and learning?  Know more about what the science says
about them.

How to work with the fearful dog Specific hands on strategies and
approaches to help you help the fearful dog.

Understanding and working with Resource Guarding  An in-depth
look at the function of resource guarding behavior and how to
manage and work with it for you and the dogs.

Working with the dog who is afraid of the stairs  Stair refusal may be
trauma induced, learn how to help.

Recognizing stress signals in dogs.  Watch the dogs show you in real
time what stress signals to watch out for and how to help.

Hand feeding with "off" and "take it"  One of the best exercises for
behavior, training and relationship building.

Teaching "look"  For those times you want your pet to check in with
you or to build attention and focus in your interactions.

How to help a dog stop from pulling Tips and techniques to take the
stress out of "having to get there."

How to pick up a dog  Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way-take
a look to make sure what your doing works.

How to walk a dog Strategies for fun and more meaningful walking
for the both of you.

Walking the city dog Busy urban sidewalks have their share of
distractions, how to keep it fun and safe to sniff around.

How to pet a dog How to approach and find the guidelines that work
best for your best friend.

Barking and separation issues  How to recognize anxieties and alerts
and what to do about them.

Mounting Behavior in Canine Play "Humping" or "mounting" is more
often about extreme attention getting.  Take a look.

Dog play does not always mean what we think it means.  Take a look
and see if you can tell if this is a game of chase or not.

The Ian Dunbar Interview  Frania Shelley-Grielen talks to Dr. Ian
Dunbar about cats, dogs and how to find the right trainer.


How to pet a cat Feline friendly approaches include touching cats in the
places they prefer.  Take a look.

How NOT to pet a cat knowing what is not feline friendly as far as cats
are concerned is just as important and a reminder of what works.

How to pick up a cat The safest and most comfortable method for the
both of you.

More ways to pick up a cat  By popular demand.  Including from the
floor or above you, you asked and here's how.

How to train a cat Training can and should be a fun and interactive
activity for your pet and you and it's not just for dogs.

How to play with a cat Our cats need interactive playtime with us too,
find out how to be a cat's best friend.

How to trim cat claws -a feline friendly approach using treats, low or
no restraint and keeping the cat along side you can work wonders.

More on how to trim cat claws and remove mats too.  Adding in mat
removal to your nail trim.

How to give a cat a pill Minimal restraint and low stress are the first
parts of the process.

More ways to give a cat a pill Coating the pill in food can make all the
difference in helping the medicine go down.

How to help your cat to use the litter box each and every time.
Identifying your cats preferences and aversions are what makes the

How to stop a cat fight. Mediate a peaceful end to an aggressive
feline episode by offering an alternative equal or preferable behavior.

Cat grooming  The fastidious nature of cats is part of their appeal; why
and how they do it.

Why cats knead with their paws  This behavior may begin as functional
but is likely to be continued for the "fun" of it.


The differences with cats and dogs Canines and felines experience
the worlds in different ways we need to appreciate the diversities,
here's food for thought.

How to use time-outs and resolve conflicts with cats and dogs because
they never get the lecture.  

Play behavior in cats and dogs Cats and dogs don't play like humans,
unless they play with us.  Take a look at what it looks like with each
other and with us.

Animal Communication Human, feline and canine communication
-who's doing the listening?

Talking about Animals Frania talks to Toni Quest about our relation-
ships with the animals in our lives.

How do we feel about the wildlife in our lives? We say we love nature
and the wildlife that is a part of it but how close do we really want to be?

Feast of St. Francis procession of the animals 2012 See how the
handlers work with each animal to keep the entry stress free for

Feast of St. Francis 2013  See the handlers, the animals  and the
spectacle at the blessing of the animals.

Feast of St. Francis 2014  See the animals, the spectacle and the
animals handlers on their procession.
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